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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Like a wildfire...

On thursday there was a fire in the valley of the monastery which spread quickly.  It was very intense! We were battling big flames with garden hoses and buckets of water.  Somehow the fire burned a perfect circle around us, all the prayer spaces and buildings were spared. Literally the fire came as close as 10 feet away from every building.  I had never experienced a fire of this magnitude, it was really one of those type fires that i see on the news. The fire is still burning this very second three days later, although moving further away from us.   

Looking forward, after seeing all the devastation that the fire caused, thinking that if all the greenery which provides food and homes has been burned up except at the monastery we can expect a lot of new visitors coming by. Like snakes and lizards and baboons.   This should be interesting...

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  1. Glad everything is safe! It's funny, but I have stopped seeing wild fires like that one as a bad thing, as long as no one gets hurt. Back home, fires bring new life. The newly burned plants provide the soil with nutrients and there are plants there that only sprout new seedlings when the seeds are exposed to extreme heats only found in fires. I like to think of them as a new beginning!