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Who am I? 
 My name is Maurice D,  I have the honor of being an Episcopal Missionary as a part of the Young Adult Service Corp (YASC).

What is YASC?

 The Young Adult Service Corps (YASC) is part of the Episcopal Church. It sends Episcopalians abroad as missionaries to engage in the world and build meaningful relationships. The assignment and work responsibilities vary person-to-person and location-to-location.

Where am I going?
Grahamstown, South Africa!
I will be going to Grahamstown, South Africa to be apart of the community of the Monastic Order of the Holy Cross.  This Monastery has focused on the educational needs of the community,  providing a scholaraship program for 60 children to attend school and establishing a school on the Monastery property. I will be working in the school with the children. 

Can you be involved?

There are two key ways you can partake in this mission: Prayer, and financial support. Offering your time to pray for this journey, and offering your financial gifts to support it, make you an invaluable part of this ministry. The "mission" of a missionary is to be apart of and connect different communities. So by me going abroad I am opening up a window to another world that you can look through and reach out and touch. 

Regarding prayers: We are blessed by any prayers a person says for us in hopes of glorifying God in this school and monastery. Prayers for safety, guidance, humility, confidence (when needed!) along with any other intercessions are most appreciated. They are truly a precious gift.

Regarding financial support: There is always a use for finances, so if you feel called to make such an offering, please do so. I say 'offering' because, again, your support is truly a precious gift.

To make donations by check please make them out to the 

Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real.  Please indicated in the memo line that you would like the money allocated for me, you can write something like Maurice's Mission fund. 

If donating via the internet is more convenient for you then you can do so here. http://www.gofundme.com/2hur4o  Please don't be shy :) you can gift whatever amount you feel comfortable with, however many times you feel comfortable with! 

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